Shot On Location at El Corazon in Seattle, WA

Camera Operators

Mike Astle

Anderson Bradshaw

Doug Spengenberg

Robble Tassaro

Live Audio Recorded by

Jeremy Park

Ben Verellen

Live Audio Mixed by

Ben Verellen

Archival Footage

Posl Fest 2003

Dave Larson

VHS Archieve

Tommy George


Local Hero

Che Fest 2003

Ben Mahoum

ThankXXX to all who helped contribute this dvd/video.

big, thankXXX to SEATTLE HARDCORE and everyone came out to the show for one last stagedive.

ThankXXX to Outbreak, Shinking Ships, Alleglance And The Answer for playing the final show.

ThankXXX to Lori LaFavor & Infinite Productions, Matt Pike, EVR, Merch Now, Zach/Kyle at Rivalry Records, Ian at Dead and Gone Records and High Roller Studios.

Extra special ThankXXX Chris Wrenn and Bridge 9 records for years of support.


  • Jim Hesketh
  • Aram Arslanian
  • Chris Williams
  • Andy Norton
  • Todd Preboski